Lava Fabricator

Lava Fabricator


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The Lava Fabricator produces Lava when supplied with MJ 20kMJ/Bucket. The lava created is either stored internally or pumped into Combustion Engines or tanks via waterproof pipes for later use. The internal storage for the lava fabricator is not very large so it is advisable to pump the lava into an external storage device. If a waterproof pipe of any type is attached to the lava fabricator is will begin pumping the lava out of its internal storge without the need of a buildcraft engine.

The lava fabricator can be powered by either Generators or Solar Panels. A particularly effective way to power it by using two MV Solar Arrays. It is not advisable to use a geothermal engine to power the lava fabricator because it can only create so much lava at once, resulting in a net loss.


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